TOP 5 Error trends to avoid in Malaysian Website Design

This article mainly presents the TOP five error trends that website designers should avoid while designing a website in the Malaysian market. Errors of designing websites may sometimes cause disruption and inconvenience towards website users. It does not only cause dissatisfaction from the users, users might poorly rate the website which might tarnish the rating in the public.

Error Trend 1: Website Design that is NOT MOBILE USER FRIENDLY

Most Malaysians use smartphones more than laptops or computers to conduct website surfing. This has been proven by a survey that nearly 70 percent of the Malaysian population are smartphone users due to its portability and affordable price point compared to laptops. Thus, a non-mobile user friendly website will definitely downgrade the user experience towards the website and might not want to visit the website again which results in failed marketing. 

Malaysian Website Design

Error Trend 2: Loading Page is SLOW…..

Speed is the key whenever it comes surfing in between different websites. The faster the loading speed the greater the user experience by the website surfer. This is genuinely crucial as users might need to obtain or conduct some important activities, like payment or transactions instantly as users find it convenient. However, a slow loading speed will definitely cause users to feel frustrated which worsen the user experience and the rating of the website. 

Error Trend 3: No unavailable/ ‘404’ page 

An unavailable blog is a taboo for most website users as an unavailable website is unable to present any information towards the viewers at all. This is due to the fact the website has changed the link or the website was either being moved to another page or being deleted. The information on this 404 page is critical for redirecting users to the home page or, better yet, suggesting what is the most similar to what they are looking for. Potential clients will leave if there is no good 404 design or information.

Error Trend 4: Distractive POP UP Ads

Pop up ads are very useful in websites that involve sales, especially for e-commerce websites or clearing the stock prior to store closure for some reasons. If not, it is definitely irrelevant if it appears on websites that don’t even relate to sales and promotions at all. At the same time, users will feel extremely irritated whenever these pop-up ads keep appearing causing the ads to block whatever the users are reading.  

Error Trend 5: NO H1 TAGs in the Homepage 

A title connected to any piece of text is called an H1 tag or a heading tag. It is the title that is used to introduce the material in the most detailed way feasible. This feature assists readers in determining the context of a part prior to reading it, and it has a favorable impact on your SEO ranking, allowing you to rank higher than your rivals. H1 tags that are missing will definitely lower your ranking and leave your viewers perplexed, as they may not be getting the most accurate picture of what they are seeing.
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