Malaysia Forex Brokers Review: FX Access

If you google online, you can find so many forex brokers reviews in Malaysia. Forex broker is not an alien thing anymore. The human species nowadays is constantly bringing new things like new careers, new inventions, and more. Being a forex broker is one of the topics that people are talking about right now. Some people tried it and succeed, while others, not so lucky. Like every other job, becoming a forex broker does come with requirements of some skills for you to actually succeed. But, to be exact, all the trading and broker has already existed in the history lane once ago.

It does not pop up like network marketing. The history of currency trading started with the Greeks and Egyptians. They are among the first who started it. They trade silver and gold coins. By using the weight and sizes, they determined their value. Then during the Middle Ages, copper becomes the most used element for minting coins. Then the world’s oldest bank, Monte Dei Paschi was built around that time. Then the first forex existed about 500 years ago. Then the free trade currency started to happen. In 1875, the Gold Standart was established with the purpose of guaranteeing the value of a currency.  By 1913, trading firms started to grow in London. At that time, half of all the Forex transactions are in Pound Sterling. In 2013, the Pound Sterling was the 4th most traded currency in the world. The other three were the US-Dollar, the EURO, and the Japanese Yen and now, the Forex market is the largest market worldwide. 

malaysia forex brokers review

As for now, there is a lot of forex brokers review in Malaysia, though the visibility is not as powerful as now. Many have started to see the potential of forex brokers in Malaysia. People slowly stepping into the FX world. But be aware as being a forex broker does require you to learn and be well-equipped with important skill sets. Without the right skill and mindset, you will not go anywhere. The game in forex trading is face-paced, full of high-risk investments. Hence, making a profit is not as easy as it seems, yet it does not make it impossible. In Malaysia, there are some that are a bit skeptical about the authentication of the forex broker. 

This is why FX Access is here to help you. They already formed a list of the forex broker reviews in Malaysia. They are among the best and more than capable to help you step into the door into the world of foreign exchange. Not only they will help you with financial security but also help you achieve wealth. There are some people who are scared to even begin. If you have zero experience in forex trading, it is not a big problem. It is never too late to start. Many of FX Access brokers started as just beginner and now they are professional and ready to help other like you thrive and succeed. Remember, there is no room for fear if you want to achieve triumph. FX Access, not only the place of forex brokers review in Malaysia but also your platform to thrive in the FX world.  Be better with FX Access.  



The establishment of Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia or popularly known as SSM has meant a great deal to businesses and companies. Although already a very organized country in terms of procedures, SSM further added to the efficiency of registrations, incorporations and the overall compliances in the business industry. As SSM becomes the central and only agency for all corporate registrations and related transactions, more companies, from small to big enterprises, are encouraged to pursue and start their venture in Malaysia. This efficiency also contributes to the promotion of business ownership in Malaysia.

For small to medium businesses, the prospect of opening a company may seem daunting and impossible. With little to zero idea on the processes and requirements, just thinking of who to deal with, then the payment of fees to the rest of the processing will seem impossible to start-ups. But all these are a thing of the past, with the creation and the corresponding government mandate of SSM, everything there is to know about having a business in Malaysia is available in their website. Though not its main intent, the establishment of SSM has benefited and encouraged small businesses in Malaysia. To illustrate, here are a few ways SSM has made operating a business a doable goal.

1. Business based fees

SSM fees cover all types of businesses and companies. And, with this broad coverage, it is not surprising that SSM procedures and processes are matched to the size and scope of businesses.  An example of this is SSM’s implementation of business-based fees. It will be unreasonable for any agency to charge across the board fees for varying industries and sizes of business. In simpler terms, the fees for multinational companies will be an unreasonable fee to charge to small businesses. Hence, to address this, the business-based fees were implemented instead.

2. Availability of offline and online registration

Business registration connotes a tedious and time consuming endeavor. Big companies may see this task as a normal and routinary requirement that can be done by one of their numerous employees. However, for smaller businesses or for sole proprietors, business registration is a hurdle. This is not the case now, because of the availability of the online and offline options in the SSM Registration form, the hurdle before becomes a smaller speed bump that is easier to conquer. With SSM offices located in key locations and as the online processes improving significantly, applications are much easier to process and complete. Thus, even individual business owners are encouraged to register.

3. Audit Exemptions

Another prospect most business frown over is the annual auditing of accounts. It is not that companies have something to hide, but aside from the cost of hiring auditors, an annual audit seems a waste if a small company with basic general ledgers and accounts is able and competent to prepare its own accounting books. Consequently, as a measure to address this, SSM has implemented a directive to exempt certain private companies that meet specific criteria.

Registration in SSM is government-mandated in Malaysia. And because of this businesses are required to transact and process with SSM. Fortunately, with the improvements made by SSM, the task of registering and complying has never been easier. As a result, more and more companies, regardless of size, are encouraged to register and open up ventures.