Ways To Communicate With Your Parents

Ways To Communicate With Your Parents

Being the eldest is hard, but being the middle child also is hard, but some people said that being the youngest is the hardest. So which one is really going through it hard? Nonetheless, each and every one of the siblings have the same problem, communication with the parents. But how do we detect if we have communication problems with our parents? I mean, we were taught how to talk to our parents ever since we were little, so how do we still have problems? To find out how you have problems communicating with your parents, are when you get overly sensitive and defensive every time they attack you with their words on a certain thing. I am not saying that what they are doing is right but if you feel this way and worse, react to it, you are definitely having communication problems with your family. So let us talk about the ways we use to communicate to our parents and how to improve it.

The first thing first, is to let them talk. Older generations are very sensitive, especially if they are being cut off while they are talking especially if it comes to their children because they obviously feel they did not teach us any of that. It is not wrong for us to be defensive because I totally understand how we want to be able to defend ourselves as well. But in order to want our parents to listen to us, we have to listen to them first, does that make any sense? Only then we can talk, defend ourselves, and speak our minds.

Other than that, we can also find the right time to talk. Most of the time, we have underlying and unresolved issues within us. It is understandable as we grow we went through a lot and most of the time we could not speak our thoughts. I mean we would not even know what to say. Thus, as adults, sometimes we feel the anger, pain, and hurt, are still there inside waiting to be comforted. Another reason why we should find the right time is that we would not want something to get into the middle of your conversation with your parents because having to initiate the conversation is already uncomfortable. Apart from that, because our feelings keep changing over time, there are days, although we have anger inside us, it is bearable and it is still easy for us to be happy. There are also Time 100mbps where we feel so dragged down and emotionally depressed. Both of those times, could not be used to have a conversation because it is not neutral, and we hardly can be rational during the conversation if do not choose the right time.

In conclusion, although having a mature conversation with your parents is uncomfortable, but once we try and get used to it, our parents can be willing to open up about themselves as well. Because I am sure they also have their own unresolved issues. You can find out more about this if you look up using your Time Broadband Malaysia to get Time fibre