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Today, the market for plumbing materials is incredibly abundant. Despite the emergence of a mass of modern and meeting all the requirements of materials, most owners still use metal pipes. The connection of these pipes is carried out using special devices – fittings. This article will discuss which fittings to choose for metal pipes.

Fittings classification is as follows:

  • Threaded;
  • Crimp;
  • Flanged;
  • Welded (with smooth edges suitable for welding).

They differ in purpose, installation technology, dimensions and shapes, so it’s impossible to say for sure which fittings are better. To understand how to select steel pipe fittings for a specific situation, you need to consider each type in detail.  

Threaded fittings for metal pipes

For the manufacture of threaded fittings required for the installation of steel pipes for the main water supply, high-strength metal is used. A cylindrical thread is initially cut on the workpieces. To achieve tightness, the thread is sealed with a linen gasket treated with a linseed oil impregnation.

The material for the manufacture of connecting fittings can be steel or cast iron. In accordance with the requirements, ready-made threaded fittings for metal pipes do not have any inclusions of other substances or visually noticeable cavities that arise due to incorrect production technology of metal products. This requirement is relevant for both external and internal surfaces of fittings. The standards also indicate that the ends of the valves should be located at a 90-degree angle relative to the axes of each passage. 

The nominal diameter of threaded fittings can vary from 8 to 100 mm. As a rule, this type of fittings is installed on water mains in which the operating temperature does not exceed 175 degrees, and the upper pressure limit is 1.6 MPa.

The main advantage of a threaded connection, which favorably distinguishes such fittings from other types, is the ability to disassemble them: if necessary, you can easily dismantle pipes without the cost of cutting equipment or hiring specialists (in more detail: ” Advantages of threaded pipe connection, ways of sealing joints “). Most often, threaded fittings for steel pipes are installed in apartments, private houses and in summer cottages, since it is in these cases that these devices fully justify their purpose.

Compression pipe fittings

Compression fittings for steel pipes have many positive qualities, so they are used quite often. They are well suited for the installation of various communications in different conditions and do not lose their effectiveness depending on them. Compression fittings are installed mainly on indirect connections – and these are various angles, turns of the pipeline, connection of pipes of different diameters, branching and even direct connection of metals.

Due to this category of fittings, the disassembly of individual parts of the line is greatly simplified. Also, these devices are successfully used to achieve tightness and smooth installation of pipe joints and pipe sections. Iron pipe fittings malaysia prevent fluid from leaking from the pipeline and getting various debris into it from the outside.

Steel pipe fittings

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