Should Kids Continue To Be Exposed With Technology From An Early Age?

It is no longer surprising that a 5-year-old can expertly use the smartphone and have their own Instagram account. Parents nowadays are no longer as strict as before in managing their children’s time with gadgets. Previously, parents were very strict and would schedule the time their children spent with their gadgets. For example, they can only have their smartphones on the weekend or they can only use them for 8 hours a day. However, the same cannot be said as what happened today because the kids are free to have their smartphones at all times. One of the reasons is probably due to the busy schedule of the parents. They barely have time to spend with their children, much less managing their children’s time with the gadgets. 

Now let’s move on to see if kids should really be exposed to technology at such a young age.

Helpful For The 21st Century Parents

The main reason why technology has been exposed to young children is because it is a great help for the busy parents. In the 21st century where the cost of living has increased dramatically compared to the past, it is hard for even a housewife to not earn money. The moms usually work from home because it is helpful to increase the household income. Some of them do online business or even Youtube content where they show videos of cooking tips and exercising tutorials. Some of them even build softwares from home as a source of income. Check out mlm softwares if you find this unbelievable and see the services they provide. Coming back to the topic, they need technology to distract their children from disturbing their work. They give gadgets to their children to play with and go to do their job. This is why children have been familiar with smartphones from the age of 3 years old. However, parents fail to see the consequences of that to their children. What are some of the negative effects of this?

A Lot of The Kids Have Bad Eyesights

One of the negative effects of parents exposing technology to their young children is it causes eyesight problems where their children need to wear spectacles in order to see clearly. This is because staring at a screen for a long time can cause the eyesight to go bad. We can see many young kids wearing spectacles these days when not many did in the past. 

Distract The Children From Their Responsibilities

It is important that children learn how to do their responsibilities without complaints. This will teach them about discipline as they continue to grow. For example, the parents should teach their children to help with washing the dishes or something simple like tidying their own bed after waking up. Otherwise, they would be clueless about doing all these when the parents are not there to help them. If the children are used to not doing anything and only play with their gadgets, they will become stubborn as they refuse to help with the household chores although it should be done together as a family. The gadgets will only distract them from carrying out their responsibilities and will even distract them from their studies. 

Last Words

The effects of exposing children to technology can clearly be seen these days as they have bad eyesights and refuse to carry out their responsibilities. It’s a shame since technology has been affecting their physical ability and some children even refuse to socialise with friends their age as they want to spend all their time with their gadgets. It’s not good for the children because they are still at the age where they should be playing outside and exploring the outside world as much as they can. They should spend the time being kids as they play in the dirt and enjoy spending time with their friends. Parents should be more aware of this and try their best to provide their children the best childhood as they had in the past.

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