Best Fashion Schools and Colleges in Malaysia

Before creativity, glamor, article, design, then beauty comes a deep knowledge of fashion. If you’re on a fun and challenging fashion career path, check out the list of the best fashion schools in Malaysia and take your pick. As a fashion design student in best diploma in early childhood educatiomn in malaysia, you will work with seasoned industry professionals. Plus, you’ll build a foundation in fashion history, global fashion trends, color theory, and preliminary sketches. 

What skills are needed to be a fashion designer in Malaysia?

To become a fashion designer in Malaysia, you need to have essential skills to be at your best. Some of these skills are technical skills while others are interpersonal skills which include communication and leadership abilities. Here is a list of the skills needed to be a fashion designer in Malaysia:

Sketching:  To become a great fashion designer, you must have artistic skills such as drawing. This will help you create a pictorial representation of the mental drawing on your head or any other intended drawing you wish to create.

Computer Aided Design (CAD):  Once you have an idea of ​​what you want to do on paper, you will need to take your imagination to the digital world with a CAD program.

Fashion Research:  Before designing any clothes, it is important that you do some research to see the latest trends and the applicability of that style that you have in mind. The daily life of fashion designers revolves around research.

Professional skills: As a fashion designer who wants to be successful in the business, you need to have a good knowledge of the business world and how to get around the numbers. This skill goes a long way in determining your income.

Effective Communication: Ideally, every businessman should know and understand what it means to communicate effectively. From sharing fashion ideas to effective achievement, a fashion designer must know how to communicate effectively with colleagues and clients.

Time management:  Every fashion designer should know how to allocate and manage their time effectively. This will help you keep up with the flow and respond to customer inquiries.

Self-Confidence:  What self- confidence does to a fashion designer is that it gives you the confidence and insight that the effort you put in is worth it. In the fashion world, where designs are distinctly creative, carving out a personal niche and style will help you excel.

Accept Criticism: No matter how hard and ingenious you put into the profession, as a fashion designer you should be able to accept criticism with a good heart. This is the only way your mistake and flaws will be brought to light and corrected. 

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How to Prevent from Being Kicked Out by Bookies

Are you a newbie in online 4d? If that is the case, you might not aware yet that the site where you will decide to bet can actually throw you out or ban you from playing in their turf. Yes, this can happen if you are usually winning a lot because you employ some strategies. The thing is, bookmakers can tell if you are using strategies and though, this is actually not against any law, still it’s against the bottom line of the bookmakers. You are disrupting their goal to earn a lot of money from their clients and of course, they will not let you do that. 

But, this does not mean that you can’t do anything about this as there are always things you can do. Check out the following below as they might help once:

  • Just stay loyal. The thing is, even this type of business is in a tough competition. Yes, there are so many gambling sites you can choose from and thus, if they notice that you are a regular bettor, they might be more lenient to you and will reconsider when it comes to their strict protocols. 
  • Create many accounts in different gambling site. This way, even if a bookmaker will try to ban you, it will not be a problem as you can always play in your other accounts. Of course, there is also a chance that you will get unlucky there as well. 
  • Try to be flexible as usually, when you are barred from a gambling turf, you might not be able to play in it again. Thus, you should bet on different games for you to less likely attract attention and just let luck lead the path. 

The thing is, those gambling sites are for business. So, it is understandable if they will try to barred someone who make them lose. And trust me, you can turn to no one as that is their site or that is their domain. They can do whatever they want. 

Are you a long-time gambler? Maybe not that most of the gambling houses are closed, you can also rest. Maybe this is not the most appropriate time for you to stop gambling. Always remember that no matter if you are winning now, you can still lose at the end of the day since you won’t stop while you still have the means. For more articles like this one, click here.


The State of Ecommerce in Malaysia

With the launch of eBay Malaysia in 2004, Malaysia began its foray into ecommerce. In 2007,, a C2C website, was launched, attracting more than 9.56 million monthly visitors. Lelong is credited with establishing the Malaysian ecommerce industry, and it had market share for a few years before and joined it in 2011. The new state of ecommerce in malaysia has begun to emerge. Lazada and Zalora, two main players, opened their Malaysian operations in 2012, backed by Shopee in 2015. By 2020, Malaysia’s eCommerce industry will be worth US$ 4.3 billion, with the market forecast to double to $8.1 billion by 2024.

The main ecommerce markets in Southeast Asia are Singapore and Malaysia. Despite accounting for just 8% of Southeast Asia’s population, they collectively account for more than half of the region’s overall online retail sales. Though Singapore and Malaysia’s ecommerce markets are still in their infancy compared to established markets like China and Japan, they stand out in terms of the cross-border share of the ecommerce industry.Cross-border orders from American and Chinese webshops account for around 55 percent of all ecommerce purchases in Singapore and 40 percent of ecommerce orders in Malaysia. In comparison to Japan, South Korea, and even China, these figures are significantly higher.

When it comes to tax laws for ecommerce sites, however, there are gaps between the countries – Singapore is known for its favourable laws and legislation, as well as its relatively low rates of corruption. Duty-free shipping is available for purchases under US$320. This promotes cross-border e-commerce. Imported products, on the other hand, are subject to higher taxes and stricter rules (for example, the duty-free ceiling is set at US$160). Although Malaysia’s much greater and younger population than Singapore highlights the country’s future e-commerce potential, website localization could be more difficult due to the country’s linguistic and cultural diversity. 

Malaysia’s ecommerce growth is being fueled by a rising number of digitally savvy middle-class consumers seeking better discounts and access to foreign brands. Other major factors driving ecommerce development in the area are listed below.

  • Geological & Topographical Advantages

Due to the region’s fragmented topology, which is characterised by numerous islands and thick jungles, ecommerce players in Southeast Asia have traditionally faced logistical challenges. Malaysia, on the other hand, is divided into only two main regions: Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia, making ecommerce logistics much easier and more cost-effective.

  • Surge in Grocery Ecommerce

Malaysian grocery and FMCG ecommerce is increasingly expanding, as it is in other Southeast Asian countries. In reality, Malaysia came in second on Statista’s list of the world’s fastest growing grocery markets in 2018, behind only Singapore in terms of year-over-year growth. According to IGD Asia, the volume of online grocery purchases in Malaysia will rise at a CAGR of more than 60% between 2017 and 2022.

  • Digitally-savvy, mobile-first consumers

Malaysia has a staggering telephone penetration rate of 140 percent and an internet penetration rate of 85 percent. More than 26 million Malaysians have access to the internet, with 80 percent of those aged 16 to 64 shopping online.

  • Social Media Growth

Thanks to many native shopping campaigns by Facebook and Instagram, the boundaries between social media and ecommerce are becoming rapidly blurred. Furthermore, for ecommerce companies, social media is an outstanding exploration and post-purchase tool. Malaysia had 25 million active social media users as of 2019, accounting for 78 percent of the country’s overall population. For ecommerce companies, this technologically savvy, upwardly mobile segment represents a vast potential consumer base. For more articles similar to this one, click here.


Difference Between Digital And Network Marketing

Marketing is where you promote your business to make your target audience to be interested in your products and services. In business terms, the purpose and goal are to expand the selling targets. In a simpler term, marketing is advertising your product.

Now to the difference between digital marketing and network marketing is that digital marketing is based completely online and network marketing is individual sales done one-to-one.

Digital marketing involves you doing it online, you will be needing devices and internet services for digital marketing. In digital marketing, you are required to have digital marketing skills, such as video marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), content marketing, analytics, persuasive, and tech-savvy. The type of job that is suitable in digital marketing is SEO, sOCIAL Media Marketing (SMM), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), and many more. The only instrument you will be needing for this marketing is software for digital marketing activities like website management, SEO, and email marketing.

On the other hand, network marketing involves you increasing your network with people especially businesswomen and men, and dealing with customers face-to-face. You have to be talented in persuasion and have a good selling skill set. There arent many jobs that are based on network marketing as compared to digital marketing. There are three types of network marketing which is single-tier, two-tier and multilevel marketing. You are not required to use any instrument or tool for network marketing.

Digital marketing is a business that happens online for more new leads ad brand promotion. It involves SEO, content development, social media management, pay-per-click advertisement, website management, and revamping, and also email and mobile marketing. From small companies to big companies, you can just do digital marketing. You do not have to invest in the workforce or premises in digital marketing. You can market your business with digital marketing strategy just right at the comfort of your own home with strong internet service and a laptop or any gadgets.

Network marketing is more to door to door sales and it can only be done if you have a big network or connection with business people. It is known in a variety of names like multi-level marketing, referral marketing, affiliate marketing and etc. Network marketing is done by encouraging the salesperson to promote and develop a network for sales. Usually, the salesperson gets a commission for selling the products or services. This network marketing business is not the same as a traditional marketing strategy because traditional marketing strategy is more to promoting products or services before the rise of technology which is by television advertisement, print media, billboard, and many more. There are several companies that are still applying network marketing to sell FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)products like Cosway, Tupperware, Mary Kay, and many more.

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How Casinos May Help In Increasing The Economy

Gambling used to be illegal in so many countries years ago. As time goes by, there are more laws that are going lenient towards this industry due to its huge contribution in increasing the country’s economic growth. In Malaysia, a huge portion of the economy is growing through the gambling industry situated in Genting Highland. Over the years, casino expansion has been growing exponentially. We cannot deny that despite it not being talked freely as casino legalization is not yet approved, a country’s economy gets a bit of benefits from it. 

One of the biggest contributions the casino and gambling industry has been able to give back to the economic growth is the fact that local tourism is booming. In Malaysia, we get to welcome many local and foreign visitors who initially came here to go to Genting Highland; a paradise for casino game enthusiasts. With their frequent visitation to this country, we cannot deny how much it has impacted the economic growth via tourism. Due to this too, there are rapid constructions going on at Genting that are fueled by the incoming visitors each year. The location which is in the colder climate of Malaysia is a perfect location for foreign tourists to come and enjoy the casino game. 

As the casino industry is booming, better entertainments are built around Genting Highland to cater to visitors’ demands and needs. Despite the initially casino influenced area, now the location is highly recommended for families to go for holidays as there are many tourist attractions that are worth going. This is one of the extremely apparent reasons for how the casino industry has been the backbone to the country’s economic growth. Killing two birds with one stone, foreign tourists can get to enjoy gambling at Genting Highland while also going to the other parts of the country to enjoy the beauty and especially the weather. 

Not only that, the increased employment and great tax revenue to the government is also coming from the casino industry. As they gain more by having visitors playing all year around, they also have to pay a large sum of money for the government. However, this law is super beneficial towards economic growth because they will be able to improve the situation better. 

Another contribution of the casino industry towards the country is the poverty rate gets improved. As most of them can get some payments from playing the game, their living condition is getting better too. Those people can also play mega888 online as a side income while working for their main job. By doing this, you can even get to relieve your stress by trying out the thrill you will get when playing the assorted games provided in most casino games. 

There is no denying that the casino industry is contributing a lot of beneficial economic growth towards the country. The country’s tourism, more job opportunities and more things can be enjoyed by everyone in the country. It is positive that the country’s economy is closely increased due to the casino industry.

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Why study nursing degree?

The learning of nursing fundamentals is considered essential in the training of future professionals, since through them the student is initiated into the thinking and practice of nursing, they are guided in understanding the role of nursing as a profession service and as a scientific discipline, thus contributing to the accountability of their participation in the development of the discipline.

Within the training activities that make up the practicum subject, the face-to-face activities correspond to a total of 80%; For the development of the same, the student must perform a rotation through the different specialized care and primary care centers or those others of the social health system in order to apply the theoretical knowledge of the different subjects that correspond to the practicum, as well such as the acquisition of skills and competences of the subject, all this will be carried out under the direct supervision of the practice tutor of said center (80-90%). 

Resources and facilities available to the degree

Facilities of the Faculty of Sciences

The Faculty of Health Sciences has 3 departments distributed in two buildings that include a total of 165 PDI teachers. The buildings for the Faculty of Health Sciences have offices, teaching and research laboratories. There are no architectural barriers that prevent people with physical disabilities from accessing the premises of the Faculty and the departments that teach in the degree.


The Faculty of Health Sciences has 2 own classrooms with capacity for 60 people, equipped with a blackboard, fixed projection screen, overhead projector, video projector, computer and connection point to the computer network, 12 mobile tables and 24 mobile chairs each .


There are 5 Clinical Simulation Laboratories, with a capacity for 30 students each. The laboratories are equipped with a whiteboard, a fixed projection screen, a video projector, a computer, toilets, and mobile chairs. In addition, these spaces are equipped with specific material to carry out clinical simulation activities.

· The practical skills laboratory has in its facilities an X-ray reader, 2 dividing curtains, 2 recording cameras, 10 practice display screens, 1 stretcher, 1 bed, 1 practice doll.

· The emergency and critical care laboratory has: 2 stretchers, 2 beds, 2 practice dolls, 2 sinks, 3 recording cameras, 1 mobile work table, 1 mobile work cabinet, various material for practices, 2 mobile chairs, 1 fixed chair.

The adult / maternal-child hospitalization laboratory has: 2 sinks, 1 mobile work table, 2 beds, 2 partition curtains, 2 cots, 1 incubator, 1 mobile chair, 2 support cabinets, 1 care table, 1 weight , 3 fixed cameras for simulations.

· Nutrition and dietetics laboratory has: 25 folding chairs with scoop, 1 teacher’s table, 1 desktop computer (tower + monitor), 1 projector, 1 projector screen, 1 white board, 3 cabinets, 1 workbench with cabinets, 1 anatomical skeleton, 1 baby scale, 1 tanita BC418MA.· Experiential learning Widad laboratory presents in its facilities: Extendable / roll-up projection screen, laptop, Hitachi video projector, audio system. For more articles similar to this one, click here.


The appeal of video games during lockdown

With the recent spike of coronavirus cases, the Malaysian government has forced its people to stay inside as much as possible and reinstate the MCO procedure once again. With people coop up in their house once more, they are left wondering how to pass the time again even though they just received their freedom again. This is where video games become an important source of entertainment for these people as there are an abundance of free games that they can explore and invest into. 

There are various genres that people can enjoy and they can find a genre where they are able to fully invest into for a long time. Steam is the best source to check for free games to explore while also having occasional sales that put games on discounts especially on some of the popular titles such as Devil May Cry, Nier: Automata, The Witcher 3 and many more. Story-driven games may appeal towards players who love to play by themselves and experience the lore of the games they play as most of these games have created a trend that allows their players to make decisions which could lead to different endings. Because of that, these story-driven games have a long life due to different consequences that occur based on the players’ decisions and encourages players to replay the game to experience different outcomes. Although some may have in-depth gameplay but bad storytelling or the other way around, solo players will find aspects of these games that they will come to like throughout their playthrough. However, esports games such as League of Legends, DOTA 2 and CSGO are more popular among the gaming community due to its teamwork-heavy gameplay while consistently introducing new ways for players to experience the game as they weaken, strengthen or completely overhaul a character and items that would always bring fresh experiences. Due to their long life, every match in these games will always feel different due to the variety of playstyle, item builds and characters for players to experience while learning from their past experiences to improve themselves. 

These esports games are also a staple for the gaming community as not only do they hold tournaments in a large scale that is comparable to the Super Bowl, the teams that are playing in the tournament would display unique playstyle, strategies and item builds that would change the game’s meta as they will be used in casual matches until they would get patched which could consequently change the meta again for the better or worse. Most MOBA games are affected by this as despite the number of changes, they would either weaken the strong characters and strengthen the weak characters, or they would give minor changes that would make players scratch their heads. MOBA game developers can never make a middle ground to satisfy all of their players as different players may favor their newer changes while some do not.  

In the end, it depends on what kind of games that a person would enjoy. Competitive players would find esports games to be more appealing while people who loves story-driven games would find games like The Witcher 3, Nier: Automata and Hades to be more enjoyable in their alone time. 

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Even at home, you can buy fruits and vegetables

Food products in the vegetable category can be conditionally classified as rather complex, since vegetables and fruits have a limited shelf life and therefore not a long time of use. In order for all the nutrients and vitamins contained in natural products to be preserved as long as possible, it is very important to comply with all storage and delivery conditions, and also to choose only the most reliable and reputable breeders and manufacturers.

The cameron vegetables delivery Malaysia perfectly understands how important it happens to be to take into account all these nuances and to provide the institution with only the freshest products.

What can cameron delivery offer:

Vegetables (potatoes, onions, cabbage, squash, pumpkins, etc.) Fruits (pears, apples, pineapples, bananas, oranges, and more); Berries (strawberries and raspberries at attractive prices per kg); Greens (various herbs from basil and parsley to cilantro and mint).

All of these products use to be irreplaceable and are used in a huge number of dishes in any cuisine in the world. That is why it is important to have a stock of different vegetables and fruits for any restaurant, cafe or any other establishment of the restaurant and hotel spectrum.

For small shops and points of sale, it happens to be possible to buy vegetables and fruits in small wholesale in any required quantity.

Why choose OnGrocer

OnGrocer has a lot of undeniable advantages that distinguish favorably from competitors in this area. These include:

A full set of accompanying documents for the execution of the contract, transparent conditions;

Free delivery by courier to the specified address when ordering from 30,000 dollars (for legal entities) and from 15,000;

Competent specialists of the OnGrocer Vegetables Malaysia will surely answer all your questions and help determine all the terms of purchase;

All presented products in OnGrocer catalogs happens to be thoroughly checked for quality, OnGrocer Vegetables Malaysia cooperate only with the best manufacturers;

Delivery is made quickly any day from Monday to Saturday;

An order can be placed online on OnGrocer official website, after going through a simple registration procedure, a personal account is assigned to the user;

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The Best Real Estate Solutions With segambut apartment

If you have found your ideal apartment in a segambut apartment, know that there will be condominium expenses which may vary significantly in the event of a lift, renovation of common areas such as the main facade, the presence of a porter, etc.

Buying a house: official documents

The preliminary sale, also known as a compromise, is the contract with which the two parties determine the conditions and price of the home sale such as segambut apartment for rent, including any penalties in case of non-compliance with the agreements. The compromise is a simple private agreement which, for greater security, can also be drawn up by a notary.

The deed of sale, or deed, is instead the official deed with which the sale is completed. The presence of the notary who carries out various tasks is mandatory: stipulation and transcription of the contract; collect the taxes due for the purchase (if “first home” you are entitled to reduced rates); the seller’s requirements (VAT not due if you are a private individual, to be paid if it is a real estate agency). The choice of the notary is absolutely free and is the right of the purchaser, as it is the latter who has to bear the costs for the various acts to be performed.

Buying a House, Guide and Useful Tips

Find out what you need to know before buying a house such as a segambut apartment for sale, Guide and useful tips for buying a house and for buying real estate in general. Buying a house that becomes your home where you can stay alone or with your family is one of the most important events in life.

Buying an apartment, a detached house or, at most, a single villa involves an increasingly prohibitive expense. In recent years, house prices or rather, the prices of buildings and land in the real estate market have increased exponentially.

The home buyer perhaps caught by the anxiety or stress of looking for a home and the fear of losing a deal should not lower the attention threshold once he has found the property he is looking for, the haste to conclude can lead to a purchase lightly.

Relying on a real estate agency for the purchase or sale of a propertyFor the purchase of a house you can contact a real estate agent or do it yourself but often you rely on a real estate agency for the purchase or sale of a house, property or land in general, but before signing contracts, mandates, preliminary purchases or sales and especially before entrusting him with money, it is good to inquire about the seriousness and professional correctness of the real estate agent. For more articles like this one, click here.


Right Solutions In The Property Investment In Gombak

If you are on the outlook for a property for two, it is easy to get lost in the swarm of networking and ads that you are responding to. Sometimes, creating a document online and noting each ad response, and networks available might help you in the long run. Believe me, something as little as keeping track will save you the hassle. 

Buying a home is a crucial investment for most people, which they decide to do once in a lifetime. Whether you are looking for a condo for sale Gombak or a property in Mont Kiara, the process is all the same and equally crucial. Nevertheless, they often make unnecessary mistakes, which can cost them hundreds of thousands of crowns extra. Therefore, look at what to look out for when buying a house.

Once people find a house that catches their eye, they are more prone to mistakes. They often see themselves moving and do not want to prolong the wait. In addition, he is afraid that a faster buyer will appear. Some homeowners and real estate gombak apartment agents can take advantage of this and push you to speed up your decision. You can easily overlook the defects that can make your quiet living significantly uncomfortable whether it’s the easement that gets stuck in the house, leaking windows or the fact that the property is in a flooded area.

For simplification, we can divide these defects into 3 areas:

  • territorial,
  • legal
  • and construction technical.

We will now look at all the groups in more detail. And let’s start with territorial defects.

So what to look out for when buying a house in terms of territory?

Practically everything related to the location. If you are looking for a house in which you plan to live for the rest of your life, there must be everything you need in its vicinity. Conversely, there must be no things in it that will complicate your living.

So it is ideal if you find, for example, not far from the new residence:

  • trade,
  • restaurants,
  • doctor’s office,
  • school,
  • kindergarten,
  • playground,
  • sports ground.

On the contrary, you probably don’t want to live near:

  • cowshed,
  • break
  • or, for example, chemical plants.

In similar places, you have to count not only on odor and noise, but also on heavy traffic. And over time, the constant passage of heavy machinery can also affect the statics of the house.  For example, make sure there is no cowshed near the house. Otherwise, you have to reckon with the ubiquitous odor. And how to avoid similar complications? In most cases, thorough preparation is enough.

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