How To Design A Good Website

As technology advances, we can accomplish more and more tasks without even realizing how difficult they are. One of these is learning how to design a website on your own.

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You can now design your own website and create an impressive online presence thanks to the evolution of website builders. You can generate revenue, cultivate a fan base, and promote your brand online by utilizing professional web design features. You can also check out malaysia website designers here.

Here are few simple ways on how to design a good website:

  1. Set a goal
  • Be absolutely certain of your goals before designing a website. With so many different types of websites available, you should start by determining which one will best help you achieve your objectives:
  1. An online store to sell your products.
  2. A portfolio website to showcase your art.
  3. A business website to help you manage and grow your company.
  4. A blog where you can share your knowledge with the rest of the world
  5. A restaurant website that facilitates online ordering, delivery, and payment.

As you work on designing a website, you’ll notice that the elements you include will vary depending on what you want to achieve. If you want to sell your photos online, for example, try displaying them in a portfolio format and including an online store where you can sell prints. If you’re creating a website with the intention of landing a job, a simple and professional resume website with minimal embellishment may be ideal.

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2. Define your layout

  • Once you’ve logged into your preferred platform, it’s time to plan out your website layout. If you’re starting from scratch, you should sketch out your website’s design on paper before you start dragging and dropping. A template, which is a pre-designed layout created by a professional designer, is another option.

3. Claim your domain name

  • To put it simply, your domain name serves as your internet address. It’s what your visitors will see right after the “www” in their browser’s address bar.
  • Getting your domain name registered is essential for online success. Websites with a customised domain are perceived as more professional and trustworthy by internet users.
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4. Gather your content

  • Now that you’ve laid the groundwork for your design, it’s time to get down to business and create the content that will appear on your website. This includes images, text, a logo, videos, and other media.
  • Use as much of your own content as possible to ensure you’re providing unique and branded content. If you’re not using original content, just make sure your resources are obtained legally.

5. Add the right pages

  • Every business, and every website, is unique. Nonetheless, your site visitors will expect to see some traditional sections. Here are some must-have pages if you’re going with a multi-page website design which are the homepage, about us page, contact page, your product or service page, a blog, testimonials, splash page and FAQ page. It can save time by providing automated responses while also providing a great user experience.